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Cullen challenges Conservatives’ Enbridge support following Simushir incident

October 20, 2014

Nathan Cullen rose in Parliament today to challenge Conservative MPs to defend their support of controversial Enbridge supertankers following a tense weekend during which the country watched as emergency officials struggled to gain control of a disabled ship that threatened to spill its cargo of fuel off Haida Gwaii. 

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Disabled Russian ship loaded with dangerous goods remains adrift in stormy seas

October 17, 2014

Nathan Cullen continues to work with emergency responders, First Nations and communities as a Russian-registered container vessel carrying fuel and other dangerous goods drifts without power in stormy seas 20 kilometres off the rocky west coast of Moresby Island.

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Nathan Cullen tables An Act to Defend the Pacific Northwest

September 23, 2014


Nathan Cullen tables private member's bill to ban tanker traffic on the North Coast, ensure community input, and strengthen Canadian energy security.

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News from NDP.ca

NDP introduces landmark environmental rights bill

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is proud to second groundbreaking legislation introduced by Linda Duncan (Edmonton-Strathcona), an Environmental Bill of Rights to legally enshrine environmental rights for...


Swifter, more robust action needed on rail safety

Conservative government’s rail safety changes long overdue

A year and a half after the Lac-Mégantic tragedy, the Conservative government has finally decided to enact the Transportation Safety...


Conservative EI hypocrisy jumps the shark

For years the Conservatives have struggled with the notion that money in the Employment Insurance fund belongs not to the government, but to the workers and employers who pay into it.

That’s why this...


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Le NPD dépose un projet de loi avant-gardiste en matière de droits environnementaux

Le chef du NPD Thomas Mulcair est fier d’appuyer le projet de loi avant-gardiste de sa collègue Linda Duncan (Edmonton-Strathcona). Cette législation vise à mettre en place une Charte des droits...

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Des mesures plus solides doivent être adoptées sans tarder

Le gouvernement conservateur a attendu trop longtemps avant de renforcer la sécurité ferroviaire

Un an et demi après la tragédie de Lac-Mégantic, le gouvernement conservateur se décide enfin à suivre...

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L’hypocrisie des conservateurs n’a pas de limites

Depuis des années, les conservateurs ont du mal à comprendre que l’argent du Compte d’assurance-emploi n’appartient pas au gouvernement, mais aux travailleurs et aux employeurs qui y cotisent.


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