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Disabled Russian ship loaded with dangerous goods remains adrift in stormy seas

October 17, 2014

Nathan Cullen continues to work with emergency responders, First Nations and communities as a Russian-registered container vessel carrying fuel and other dangerous goods drifts without power in stormy seas 20 kilometres off the rocky west coast of Moresby Island.

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Nathan Cullen tables An Act to Defend the Pacific Northwest

September 23, 2014


Nathan Cullen tables private member's bill to ban tanker traffic on the North Coast, ensure community input, and strengthen Canadian energy security.

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Opposition forces key debate and vote as women Take Back the Night

September 19, 2014

An unscheduled debate about violence against Indigenous women dominated proceedings in Parliament this morning and triggered an October vote as the NDP Official Opposition again highlighted a crisis the Conservative government continues to ignore.

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Statement on the Alberta NDP Leadership results

Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement regarding the Alberta NDP leadership results:

"On behalf of Canada’s New Democrats I extend sincere congratulations to Rachel...


Statement by Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair on Persons Day

The leader of the New Democratic Party made the following statement on Persons Day:

“Every year, the New Democratic Party commemorates the landmark “Persons” Case and remembers the work of pioneers...


Bird watchers are not criminals

The NDP is concerned that instead of going after tax cheats, the Conservatives are using Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) resources to intimidate a law-abiding nature group. 

A group of bird watchers from...


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Déclaration concernant les résultats de la course à la chefferie du NPD de l'Alberta

Le chef de l’Opposition officielle, Thomas Mulcair, a fait la déclaration suivante concernant les résultats de la course à la chefferie du NPD de l’Alberta :

« Au nom du NPD du Canada, je tiens à...

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Déclaration du chef de l’Opposition officielle à l’occasion de la Journée de l’affaire « personne »

Le chef du Nouveau Parti démocratique, Thomas Mulcair, a émis la déclaration suivante à l’occasion de la Journée de l’affaire « personne » :

« Chaque année, le Nouveau Parti démocratique souligne la...

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Le NPD dénonce la fermeture sauvage de l’Institut Maurice-Lamontagne

Le NPD déplore la fermeture sauvage de la bibliothèque scientifique francophone de l’Institut Maurice-Lamontagne (IML) de Mont-Joli. Les employés ont reçu un avis cet après-midi confirmant la...

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